What Does the FDA Crackdown Mean for Nootropics?

As many of you know, in 2010, there was a crackdown by the FDA on many Piracetam vendors. They claimed the crackdown was associated with the way in which it was marketed. A statement from the large nootropic vendor smartpowders read:

“The FDA has recently informed retailers and distributors that Piracetam is being marked as a drug. That it is not legal to sell as a dietary supplement. Smartpowders.com was informed of this on Monday August 30th, 2010. We have been given 15 days to respond to this letter from the FDA….”

Apparently it is illegal to market a dietary supplement as a drug. But is this the real reason the FDA wants to shut down Piracetam and other nootropic vendors? Not likely. We know that nootropics like Piracetam are completely safe, in fact, they are safer than most drugs being sold and distributed by the FDA themselves. This leaves me to wonder if the FDA is afraid of nootropics cutting into their profits.

In September, 2011, the FDA tried to issue regulation which contradicted The 1994 law simply stated dietary supplements must be safe, truthfully marketed, and not subject to FDA approval. The FDA wanted to place further regulation dietary supplements’ ingredients, effectively eliminating many from the market, despite their safety. Furthermore, instead of what was a simply notification process, dietary supplements would be required to undergo a costly approval process. In essence, the FDA would have control over the dietary supplement industry.

Durbin and the FDA’s bill is called “The Dietary Supplement Labeling Act of 2011 (S. 1310). The bills current status is “introduced.” You can track the bill and take action against it. If this bill passes, could it mean the end for nootropic supplements? It depends. If the FDA can’t get in on the profits generated from nootropics, they will likely do all they can do shut down nootropics vendors, and this bill will bring them close to that goal. The best case scenario is that the FDA simply becomes involved in the industry. This would give them control over nootropics which would likely cause prices to rise. For now, all we can do is voice our opinion on the subject. Take action against this bill.

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