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    Featured Nootropic: Dihydromyricetin

    Dihydromyricetin is a powerful supplement that not only reduces the negative impact of alcohol on the liver and brain, but also prevents hangovers and decreases the time it takes to sober up.

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  • Want to Get Smarter?

    Building Brainpower is the first complete workout regimen for your mind!

    Learn how you can improve every aspect of cognitive performance and add 40 points to your IQ by using nootropics, getting mental exercise, and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

    Sign up for the free cognitive enhancement e-course and get the first chapter for free!

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  • Develop Your Own Regimen

    Taking only one nootropic can provide mild benefits, but much better results can be achieved when combining multiple smart drugs that provide the same benefits through different mechanisms of action.

    Read our guide on starting a regimen to learn how to craft a personalized regimen suited for meeting your goals, or see some example regimens.

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  • Exercise Your Brain

    Getting enough mental exercise is a vital part of cognitive enhancement and can even make nootropics more effective.

    Learn more about how brain training can make you smarter, or visit Lumosity to play brain training games now!

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Nootropic List

Our nootropic list contains detailed information about dozens of different smart drugs including how to use them, their benefits, side effects, method of action, and more!

If you're looking for information on a specific nootropic, look no further.

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We have a large directory of articles about how to maximize your intellect and mental performance.

Learn what nootropics are best for which needs, see example regimens, learn about the science behind cognitive enhancement, and more!

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Our blog highlights the latest developments in the field of cognitive enhancement and smart drugs, as well as featuring other interesting posts.

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Amazon.com is one of the most reliable online vendors for nootropics around.

They offer many quality products at low prices, and have fast shipping and excellent customer service.

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Nootropics to Meet Your Needs

Each individual nootropic works differently on the brain and therefore provides different benefits. Learn about which nootropics provide which mental benefits so you can tailor your regimen to better meet your needs.
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Nootropic Regimens

Combining different nootropics into regimens of complimentary smart drugs will provide you with the best results.

Check out our article on Starting A Regimen to learn how to develop a unique regimen to fit your needs, or try an Example Regimen out.

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